Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who was obviously distracted by celebrity girlfriend Olivia Munn for the first 59 minutes and 59 seconds of the game, broke up with her right before he went out and completed a spectacular Hail Mary with no time on the clock.

“Yeah, we usually don’t allow players to use the sideline phone for personal business,” said Packers coach Mike McCarthy. “But after seeing how distracted Aaron was throughout the first 99.9% of that game, I told him, ‘just let her down easy.’ He was a real gentleman about the whole thing.”

Sources inside the Packers organization report that Rodgers’ receivers were also distracted by the idea that their handsome, rich, talented, and by-all-accounts super nice guy quarterback had an awesome girlfriend, which kept them from getting open, particularly on third-and-long situations.

Amidst his teammates’ raucous celebration, Rodgers was seen by reporters staring wistfully at the empty seat previously occupied by Munn. “It’s for the best,” he whispered, to no one.

Aaron Rodgers is the first NFL quarterback to have gone on at least one date with a beautiful woman, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

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