The Philadelphia 76ers, as expected, drafted Ben Simmons with the number one pick, but shocked NBA experts when moments later they traded him for veteran guard Ish Smith.

“Nothing against Ben, but he’s just unproven,” said Sixers coach Brett Brown. “Ish has been with us before, and we’re looking forward to having him with us again.”

As with all draft day trades, the Smith/Simmons trade is pending approval by the league. Though NBA insiders believe the trade is unlikely to go through because of the fact that Ish Smith is already a member of the 76ers, and has been for seven months.

Smith was taking it all in stride, saying, “It’s kind of disappointing that the Sixers forgot I was on the team, but it’s also really exciting to know that they see so much value in me.”

Following news of the potential trade, Ben Simmons said, “What’s happening now? It never ends with this team.”

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