Newly hired 76ers executive Jerry Colangelo has reportedly sent Philadelphia’s GM Sam Hinkie, the architect of the team’s 38-148 record over the last 2+ seasons, to Moldova on a “very important” six-month scouting trip.

“There’s a lot of talent out there, or something,” Colangelo said after a recent 50-point loss to the Spurs. “So while he’s gone, if some of the GM responsibilities fall to someone else, that’s a price we are willing to pay.”

Hinkie has spent the better part of this decade stockpiling draft picks, stashing young players overseas, and strongly de-emphasizing more orthodox strategies of “attempting to win” and “pleasing one’s fan base.”

“They got a 15-year old point guard, or maybe he’s a center, or maybe he plays hockey, I can’t remember,” Colangelo noted of the upcoming Moldova scouting mission. “The point is, we need Sam to really spend some time out there.”

“And if he wants to check out some guys in Estonia, Togo, and the Canary Islands on his way back, um, sure,” he added.

Hinkie was reportedly very excited to purchase his plane tickets in advance of the trip, opting to trade his frequent flyer miles for a top flight choice in 2018. According to sources, Colangelo was not pleased about this development.

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