Traveling abroad can be difficult, that’s why we’ve assembled a list of the 4 best hotels in Tokyo, where the family of Michael Phelps is definitely going in 2020.

Andon Ryokan
First on our list is this adorable, family-run ‘ryokan’–which means it provides futons or thin floor mattresses for patrons like Michael Phelps’ mother, fiancée and child to sleep on.

You're going to Tokyo, buddy. (Getty)

You’re going to Tokyo, buddy. (Getty)

Mandarin Oriental
This is the third highest-rated hotel on Trip Adviser and its central location is perfect for the family of a legendary American swimmer who swears he is retiring but has said that before, only to be lured back by his thirst for competition.

Park Hyatt Tokyo
Michael Phelps’ family is definitely coming to Tokyo in August 2020, so why not treat yourself a little? This high class hotel is full of amenities that make it a comfortable home base for people who have spent the day crying with joy inside a natatorium.

Royal Park Hotel
It’s known as Tokyo’s only “boutique” hotel, but that sells this 9-room property short. Quirky and minimalist, its quiet location makes it the perfect spot for patrons like Michael Phelps family to chill out and start planning your trip to whatever foreign city hosts the 2024 Olympics, because you’re going there too.

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