On the 25th anniversary of the Super Bowl-losing missed field goal, the city of Buffalo offered ex-Bills kicker Scott Norwood forgiveness for the crime of only trying his best.

“It’s important to remember that Scott Norwood was trying his hardest to make that field goal,” mayor Byron Brown said. “And that wasn’t good enough. Not even close. Nevertheless, we forgive him.”

Norwood, who was deluged with hate mail and death threats after his missed field goal, was brought on stage at the official ceremony to thank Buffalo for its magnanimity.

“The compassion Buffalo has shown in forgiving me means everything,” Norwood said. “25 years ago I made a huge mistake. I merely did everything in my power to make that 47-yard field goal, instead of somehow doing more than that.”

The city also offered Norwood an official apology for not teaching him to be a better kicker.

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