HBO has announced that its popular behind-the-scenes NFL series will be pivoting formats for its much-anticipated 11th season by simply live-streaming the hijinks and tribulations of new roommates former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller of the Broncos.

The show has famously displayed the rarely-seen off-field activities of various NFL teams, but this season promises to be its most raw and revealing iteration yet.

“I’ve been here [at HBO] through Oz, The Sopranos, countless documentaries recounting all manner of the human condition,” said network executive Rene Martreaux. “And I’ve never seen footage this… well… alarming.”



The leaked first scene from Episode 1 reportedly features Miller and Manziel in a heated fight about who finished the Corn Flakes without replacing them.

“This milk expired three days ago, and you didn’t breathe a word?” accused Miller in the captivatingly tense moment. “And get your own damn toothbrush! They’re a dollar!”

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