A blockbuster, 10-way trade will, among other moves, send Kenny Smith to Houston to coach the Rockets and send Dwight Howard to TNT’s NBA studio show.

Since the NBA regular season ended, a series of coaching exits has shaken up the NBA and underlined how interconnected coaching and personnel decisions are. This 10-way trade is not only the largest in league history but the first to involve a television partner of the league.

“The feeling was that Dwight fit in best in an off-court, studio show-type of setting,” said one NBA front office official. “Once that was clear, it was all about finding a suitable trading partner for Turner Broadcasting. It just took a lot of pieces to get the deal done.”

The confusing deal also sends David Blatt to the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony to the Lakers, Phil Jackson back to his home in Montana, and Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban into the presidential race as a third-party candidate.

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